Thistle Creek Reserve Coffee Company is a family owned and operated company that was founded on Godly principles by two cousins, Jonathan Errico and Jim Fredrickson. This partnership yields the years of knowledge and experience needed to provide premium coffee beans, roasted to perfection, and delivered fresh to our customers with every order. The result - phenomenal coffee in every cup!

But providing quality coffee is not enough for us here at Thistle Creek Reserve. We are committed to a greater purpose. By faith God gave us eyes to see Beyond the Cup® and that is why we give a portion of our profits back to the coffee farmers - to help dig wells, build schools, provide healthcare, and start churches. We also support several other charities, especially child advocacy programs and those rescuing women and children from human trafficking.

At Thistle Creek Reserve, we know that so many important moments in life happen over a cup, and when all pieced together, these moments tell your life story. We want to say “thank you” for letting us be a part of your story.

  • Seamark Ranch


    What is Seamark Ranch: Seamark Ranch is a beautiful 465‐acre campus located in Northeast Florida that provides a safe, loving two‐parent home where at‐risk children can experience life in a secure and stable community. Seamark Ranch has helped over 150 children since opening our first two homes in 2007. Today with four homes of families, an on‐campus school, agriculture program, equestrian program, and mental health counseling children not only heal but are given a chance for a brighter future.

    Why Seamark Ranch: Jim and Tiffany adopted both their sons out of the foster care system. Their first son was adopted at the age of 13, the other at age 17. Jim was adopted at the age of 1 by his parents from foster care as well. Jonathan and Morgan also have a burden to help children facing crisis to experience the love of Christ.

    Visit Seamark Ranch Website 
  • The Tebow OKOA Philippi Project — OKOA Refuge


    Why OKOA Refuge: OKOA Refuge is near and dear to the hearts of both of TCR's founders. Jonathan and his wife Morgan personally support this charity. Also, when Jim and his wife Tifanny first married, two girls from Uganda sang in a children's choir they were affiliated with.. They maintain an ongoing relationship with both girls to this day.  

    Visit OKOA Refuge Website 
  • PACT International


    What is PACT International: PACT'S mission is to prevent child trafficking and exploitation by empowering students through peer-to-peer education to Detect, Defend, and Disrupt predators in their own environment by raising awareness, preventing victimization, and reducing the demand. By providing students with the necessary knowledge and resources, they empower them to become their own advocates and protectors in their communities.