About Us

Follow your passion, and success will follow you

Thistle Creek Reserve was started as a discussion over coffee... Two neighbors, Jim Fredrickson and Ron Wollwert, considered their dream to create items using leather, wood, and metal with a dash of coffee, all while glorifying God. Jim grew up here in Selmer, TN, and Ron Wollwert moved to the area in 2012. By 2015, Jim and Ron were like two peas in a pod – best friends. Most Saturday mornings, the two can be found sipping coffee on the front porch overlooking Thistle Creek.

Thistle Creek Reserve initially launched as a premium coffee company, but the following year it shifted to the TCR Brand you see today. In late 2023, a large laser engraver was purchased to meet the demands of national clients needing details and consistency difficult to produce with a branding iron when using their logos on our products.

So why the name “Thistle Creek Reserve”? Jim Fredrickson grew up in West Tennessee learning the basics with his late father. When Jim was a child, his father would take his kids to collect firewood on the tractor and wagon. They would cross Thistle Creek to and from their house to the woods. Upon most return trips, the tractor would get stuck in Thistle Creek. Jim recalls many times his father saying it would be a great place for a pond, as it’s always wet there.

Fast forward to today: Jim has a home on the water’s edge of the pond built on Thistle Creek. If your travels ever bring you to his home, you will see the property is teeming with wildlife: the pond has a small flock of ducks, the daily stopover by a heron, a random visit of a pair of geese, or a visit of a bald eagle. All kinds of birds and hummingbirds frequent their feeders… Bunnies love the clover and squirrels have taught his dogs to bark regularly! The pond is fully stocked with fish, and fishing poles are ready for use on the front porch. The levee is sewn in wildflowers… Also, Jim has planted his father’s old tractor permanently in the creek as a reminder of his words – “This would be a great place for a pond someday…” – a memorial of when it all started.

Today, Thistle Creek Reserve is a business used to glorify God. We are committed to a greater purpose. When hiring employees, TCR looks for people who may need second chances, and it is Jim and Ron’s desire to invest in others.

By faith, God gave us eyes to see Beyond the Cup® – and that is why we give a portion of our profits to help prevent human trafficking. We are proud of our on-going Beyond the Cup® Partnership with SACT International. Their online student training is available for FREE to anyone… Their mission is to prevent Child trafficking and exploitation from ever happening through education, by providing free online Awareness Training through peer-to-peer education for students. It is good material for parents and others to be aware of the issues their students face as well.

You support the following charities when you buy from Thistle Creek Reserve

SACT International

Website: www.sactedu.org

What is SACT International: SACT'S mission is to prevent child trafficking and exploitation by empowering students through peer-to-peer education to Detect, Defend, and Disrupt predators in their own environment by raising awareness, preventing victimization, and reducing the demand. By providing students with the necessary knowledge and resources, they empower them to become their own advocates and protectors in their communities.